We are so proud
that special people like you
love to wear our DAYTONA sunglasses.

Simone Origone wearing Roal Sunglasses

Simone Origone

... he can wear Roalsunglasses on skis at 252.987 km/h
The 10 times speed ski world cup winner is our fastest champion.
Simone is always on the look out for the detail that can make a real difference. That detail that can make him gain one km/h.
1mm to change his destiny.
Simone Origone is truly the emblem of perfectionism and Roal sunglasses is proud to accompany him in writing the history of this extreme sport together.
Federica Brignone wearign Roal Sunglasses

Federica Brignone

... bronze medal at the PyeongChang Olympics

She’s a friend of ours that achieved on skis what we could only do in our dreams. Her lines are not the shortest, but the speed she generates when turning is unmatched.
Smooth and effective. Fast, always faster.
Federica Brignone loves to distinguish herself, during and after competitions. Roal sunglasses enables her to do so on skis and in her daily life.

Elena Curtoni

Elena Curtoni

... she's our warrior.

Too many injuries have tried to stop her, but her smile is stronger than her tears.
Her positive attitude strongly inspires the Roal sunglasses project: positive design, positive attitude.

Alex Vinatzer Skiing with Roal Sunglasses

Alex Vinatzer

... he's the inventor.

Alex Vinatzer is the talent, the one who invents, creates the new technique, the new style.
These are the same characteristics that Roal sunglasses wants be bring forward, with courage and ambition.
The route is long, but we will walk on it together.