Simone Origone Skiing

Roal sunglasses were born with the objective of intercepting the world of sports and fashion.
Our products are thought and created to be used in all occasions.
We are proposing something that didn’t exist:
a crossover between two worlds
with no compromises.

Are you a fashion or sport addict?
With Roal Sunglasses you can be both.

Daytona rounded orange lens white frame
Daytona squared orange lens white frame

DAYTONA are characterized by an 80s inspired leg.
Clean, linear and extremely light.
They welcome two frameless cuts of lenses in order to obtain a widescreen effect.

Daytona sunglasses lens and frame details

With their 24 grams we were able to obtain the perfect balance.


Our aim will always be the one of creating innovative products
from both the point of view of aesthetics and functionality.


We look at the future with attention to the past.

Enjoy the #new80s, enjoy Roal Sunglasses.